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InnoOSR, a real alternative to RAID

Last updated 14 September 2022


System failure, power cuts, reboot time, blue screen, screen of death, outage, HHD failure, software freeze and crash, are just some of the phrases we have heard when discussing customer problems.

The knock on effect of any system crashing could be; loss of revenue (for you and your customer), delays in manufacturing / line shutdown, engineer call out time (troubleshooting and fix) not to mention potential PR damage and company reputation within the supply chain.

When a system does crash, what solutions are available to enable a quick system recovery or reboot?

InnoOSR  from Innodisk

InnoOSR, (On Site Recovery) is a unique solution to a common problem by simply pressing a button to enable a complete system reboot and recovery.

Next-Level Firmware-Level Recovery

InnoOSR’s patented firmware technology enables truly next-level recovery ideal for applications that can afford little downtime. With a single click, on-site personnel can trigger a full firmware-level recovery – avoiding all pitfalls with software-level recovery – and bring the system back online in no time. Available in all key form factors and featuring Innodisk’s trademark hardware and firmware technologies, the InnoOSR series is ready to upgrade any application to the future of one-click recovery. Fully independant of the operating system, the cloud or any other solution, InnoOSR is a no fuss SSD recovery technology that does what it says on the tin.

InnoOSR - benefits at a glance

Recovery with one single click

InnoOSR’s unique architecture allows operators to restore InnoOSR SSD drive to a working state with a single click of a (physical) button – or through other innovative ways depending on how the operator integrates InnoOSR in their application.

Is InnoOSR better than RAID?

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when comparing the two as they are completely different but ultimatesly do the same thing, system recovery.

But what makes InnoOSR so unique is that it is swappable and requires minimal set up and technical expertise. InnoOSR can fit into virtually any system given the form factors availble, below.

InnoOSR - storage options

InnoOSR form factors and performance



InnoOSR provides a real cost saving to businesses that monitor and run computer based systems that are sucepitble to crashing, or in indeeded systems that cannot afford lenghty downtime. At the push of a button InnoOSR offers a cost effective option to ensuring minimal system downtime. InnoOSR can either be used in a new system design or as an upgrade to an exisiting system.



Graham is the Marketing Lead for the Industrial & Embedded team and has a wealth of knowledge in this area, with an extensive background in aviation, aerospace and defence.