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Same server, different price. Lower your TCO

Last updated 14 October 2022

When it comes to purchasing new servers for your hosting and cloud, these come with “original equipment manufactured” (OEM) SSD and RAM. With this, most don't understand that this is amongst the most expensive technology purchases a CSP, hosting provider or enterprise business can make. So what if you could spend up to 2.5x less by adding server SSD and RAM - specifically by our expert partner Micron - instead?

Meeting and maximising budget is always a priority, and the cherry-on-top is doing this by not giving up fast system performance, high-quality innovations and most importantly - a dependable services for your customers. 


Save up to 67% on your DRAM and SSD

We work with world-leading DRAM and NAND manufacturer, Micron - who are penetrating the data centre space with a wealth of innovation, including the industry's fastest NAND at 232-layer.

In doing so, customers of our at Simms are able to save up to 67% by equipping a brand new server with Micron SSD & RAM, all without giving up any of the performance or quality they need.

 OEM PreconfiguredCustom Configured with Micron
Memory: 12x 16GB DDR4 RDIMMYesYes
Storage: 12x 1.92TB SATA SSDYesYes
Doesn't invalidate your warrantyYesYes
Works seamlessly with your serverYesYes
24/7 technical supportYesYes
Highest standard in quality testing for maximised dependabilityYesYes
Manufactures DRAM components NoYes
Manufactures SSD componentsNoYes
Total savings Up to £8,000


The truth about OEM components

Many named-brand OEM products are assembled using DRAM and NAND manufactured by world-class semi-conductors, including Micron - who have been engineering such technologies inside servers and systems for more than 40 years.


So how does buying preconfigured compared to servers populated with Micron components?

Micron wanted to demonstrate this scenario real-world for us to showcase. They compared the costs of purchasing a fully configured servers against a minimally configured servers with added Micron SSD & RAM.

They chose for the server and both OEM and Micron components to make the comparison as consistent as possible focusing on the HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server for its popularity, upgradeability, and high performance. Included in the base cost is the Intel® Xeon® Gold 5122 processor, 32GB RAM and 960GB SSD.  The cost of adding four HPE DRAM modules and eight HPE read-intensive SSDs to a shopping list totalled $12,487. But if you bought  four Micron registered DDR4 memory modules, eight Micron 960GB 5300 Pro SSDs, and eight HP Proliant Gen10 server caddies, instead, the spend would be $7,487 — a 67% savings over the OEM components.


What does it look like when you save 67%?

Just imagine, if a CSP or hosting provider could save $5k on one server - imagine how much you could save across an entire estate?

Server amountMoney saved buying Micron
1 server$5,029
5 servers$25,147
10 servers$50,294
20 servers$100,587
100 servers$502,936


All prices based on list prices in the U.S. as of July 22, 2022 and may vary. For the purposes of comparison, we looked up components that are compatible with an HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server listed at $2,811.99 and a Xeon Gold 5122 processor listed at $1,866.99. Compatible HPE (OEM) DRAM and SSDs, equaled $7,807.88. Comparable and compatible Micron registered DDR4 memory, Micron 5300 Pro SSDs, and server caddies for HP Proliant Gen4 servers, equaled $2,778.52, for a savings of $5,029.36. Cost comparison is for Illustrative purposes only. Specific servers, OEM or Micron components used in this illustration may become unavailable for purchase. All prices may vary. All prices based on U.S. dollars and converted to euros or pounds using data provided by Morningstar via Google as of July 11, 2022.


Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) today

Simms proudly partner with Micron to deliver a consistent supply of server SSD and RAM - from a trusted, experienced manufacturer with 40 years of memory leadership behind them and quality assured products, committed to both quality and innovation.

We have a range of NVMe and SATA server SSD available from Micron, as well as DDR4 and DDR5 modules for your infrastructure. Speak to us today.



Drew is Marketing Lead at Simms, leading our marketing department. Drew has a strong knowledge datacentre and server proposition, and leads on our industrial and embedded side of the business also.