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Why Micron for data centre?

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Last updated 10 January 2024

In a digital landscape where data creation increases daily, the ability to quickly create and access data — and transform it into valuable insight — is crucial for thriving businesses. Building a fast and reliable data centre does more than just ensure success in the present; it’s a vital investment in the growth of your business.

Data centre technology engineered for growth

When you need your data centre to provide a true competitive advantage, Micron delivers. With an industry-leading data centre portfolio backed by 45 years of innovation and execution, Micron has a full range of memory and storage solutions to fit your unique business needs. Micron solutions are engineered with industry concerns in mind. They did the troubleshooting for you: their server memory and storage works to provide a solid bedrock for increasing workload complexity and torrents of data. For the demands of critical workloads (like AI), this foundation is not just ideal but necessary. From server DRAM to data centre SSDs, Micron’s portfolio delivers tomorrow’s innovations today, so you can keep your business creating and growing. 


Their data centre solutions:

  • Purpose-built workload solutions for every business
  • Experienced tech support at your fingertips
  • Solid foundations to tame increasing workload complexity 
  • A portfolio designed by industry professionals

Future-proof DRAM solutions

Bring the best balance of speed, bandwidth and value to your infrastructure. Micron’s Server DRAM solutions are rigorously tested for a wide range of applications, so you know they’ll hold up no matter your operation. Whether you’re extending the value of legacy server platforms or accelerating critical workloads on next-gen platforms, Micron® Server DRAM delivers versatility with the optimal mix of performance and cost effectiveness.


DDR5 server DRAM

Access more memory at higher speeds with Micron DDR5 Server DRAM. It delivers up to 2x the bandwidth of DDR4, and 5x the performance for deep learning. DDR5 performance is required to feed the continued growth of CPU cores in the data centre for AI, HPC and enterprise workloads. DDR5 is the best fit for businesses with intensive AI workloads.

  • Reverse the trend of decreased bandwidth per core
  • Maximise performance for compute intensive applications
  • Protect your data with on-die ECC


DDR4 server DRAM

Maximize IT Infrastructure – not budgets – with proven Micron® DDR4 Server DRAM. Increasing installed memory capacity with Micron Server DRAM is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your deployments faster and more efficient.

  • Speed up applications
  • Optimise existing systems to extend equipment life
  • Higher density components for doubly dense modules
  • Increase installed memory capacities 


Find your SSD

Made for the big demands of challenging data centre workloads, Micron SSDs deliver high performance with high reliability. Micron designs data centre SSDs for the long haul, with superior data protection and optimal endurance, addressing the growing demands of data centre workloads and the stringent requirements of industrial applications.


High-performance 9400 NVMe SSDs

For performance-critical operations, seamless workload switching and top-of-the-line caching, look no further. The 9400 NVMe delivers exceptional performance that surpasses other major competitors, up to 2.3 times mixed workload performance,1 and improves power efficiency up to 77%.

  • 6x9s read latency leads the industry by as much as 3.2x 
  • Mixed random performance frees up workloads when demand spikes
  • More workload performance with less energy used


High-capacity 6500 ION NVMe SSDs

Make cloud-storage challenges a thing of the past with massive capacity and purpose-built performance. The world’s first 200+ layer NAND data centre NVMe SSD eliminates the need to sacrifice cloud storage performance for capacity, or pay for speeds and endurance that will never be used.

  • Enables environmental sustainability within data centres
  • Consolidates more storage into few servers
  • 200+ layer NAND means cost-effectiveness is built in

Mainstream 7450 NVMe SSDs

Engineered for mainstream data centre workloads, the Micron 7450 PCIe® 4.0 NVMe SSD delivers exceptional latency with extensive deployment options. It consistently delivers 2ms and lower latency for 99.9999% QoS4 and offers next-generation security features like Micron’s unique Secure Execution Environment.

  • Storage for both cloud-scale and enterprise data
  • 176-layer NAND for faster booting
  • Broad range of Gen4 SSD form factors to enable major platform functions


Mainstream 5400 SATA SSDs

Micron’s proven data centre architecture helps you get more from your SATA platforms with SSDs that have 50% better reliability (mean time to failure rating) and up to 50% greater endurance than the other leading SATA SSDs.

  • Best-in-class mixed-use write speed performance
  • Can extend the life of existing servers
  • Performance can saturate typical network bandwidth, event at 240 GB

Find your ideal data centre SSD or DRAM solution

Simms are here to help your business moving and growing through Micron's solutions. With data centre solutions engineered to solve problems and address industry challenges, Micron deliver the most effective products with the best value in their class.

To find the right data centre solution for your business, speak to Simms today. 



Drew is Marketing Lead at Simms, leading our marketing department. Drew has a strong knowledge datacentre and server proposition, and leads on our industrial and embedded side of the business also.