Simms and our world class suppliers are experts in flash storage devices. We regularly undertake customisation of flash storage devices and associated packaging to deliver best of breed solutions for system designers and OEMs.

Whether the change is functional or aesthetic we always provide samples for qualification and then control the changes through the build of materials ensuring consistent supply.

Conformal Coating

Enhances resistance against moisture and dust whilst making flash storage devices intrinsically safe protecting against fungus and corrosion. Simms can apply a conformal coating to the flash storage device at PCB / component level. Usually required when the devices will be subject to harsh environments methods available are dipping or spraying.

Content Upload

Most of our customers load O/S images, files or software to the flash devices we supply. On a small scale production run often they manage this in house as the process is not too time consuming. When full production is under way one hours work turns into several days. Simms can pre-load this regardless of the file size and ensure the content mirrors exactly what has been provided freeing up engineering time.

Custom Labelling

Simms and their suppliers can offer custom labelling to meet most requirements. Some of the examples we have been asked to fulfill include coated labels for extra durability, specific art work to advise usability, customer branding and revision control information.

Custom Power

Flash storage devices must draw power in order to work, Simms can work with you to change the amount of power drawn in order to offer benefits to battery life. This is particular useful in mobile applications as it prolongs operational time of the system or device.

Custom Parameters

Industrial devices offer full control and flexibility. This enables Simms to change how devices are displayed when in use, their functionality and what information is displayed. Examples of work we have undertaken include setting parameters so only approved devices are recognised by the host. Changing card ID to display the brand of the OEM’s, customising C.H.S values to match a previously approved device  and integrated serial number recording.

Custom Formatting Modes

Not all systems are designed to use the new automatic plug and play functionality of modern storage devices. Often legacy systems rely on specific settings that are non standard. Simms have extensive experience with most user applications that face these problems and can advise customers which settings will be required for compatibility and change the accordingly. In the event we do not have first hand experience of the application we can provide multiple options for testing.

Custom Firmware Features

Industrial flash device manufactures offer in-house firmware design and adapt off the shelf controllers to enhance functionality. They can also add or remove features as desired. Recent examples of work we have undertaken include custom over provisioning, changes to timing , data erase firmware and write protection.

 Custom Design

Simms works with innovative industrial flash storage suppliers who offer a wide range of form factors and solutions. Occasionally we get requests for unique or bespoke products. The suppliers we represent are heavily engineering led and have the production and design facilities to create solutions outside of their normal offerings. If you have a requirement for a flash storage device that is not available off the shelf get in touch to see if we can help.

Custom USB Artwork

Simms have the facility to print (on plastic) or laser etch (on metal) various information such as company logos, phone number, email, website.

Custom Packaging

Subject to MOQs we can offer custom bar-coding, tray sizes and packaging to meet your demands.

Environmental Testing

If you have a specific requirement that demands a flash storage device offers enhanced specifications such as shock, temperature and vibration we can request additional testing (subject to fees).