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Why Project Registration makes sense

Last updated 25 August 2022

Why Project Registration makes sense

What actually does project registration mean and what are the advantages? How can it add value to my project?

Safety Net

Having a project registered part code has some rather unique advantages if you are buying memory and storage for a particular project that has a certain set of requirements.

A project registered part code will have its own unique part number which is locked to a manufacturer and ensures that it can only be purchased from a single source. This will stop unwarranted purchases which can have a detrimental effect on the application by swapping out the memory for something that is not certified. For industrial and embedded applications this is critical to ensure that the same part is available over the length of a project which could run for years.

Project registering memory for a long-term project will give peace of mind knowing that the memory in question has a controlled Bill of Materials (BOM) ensuring the consistency of components throughout the lifetime of a project. The firmware and power settings can also be locked under a project registered part code, again ensuring consistency from the first to the last module off the production line.

Allocation advantage

One of the key benefits of project registration for Simms customers is that it gives you preferential allocation from manufacturers, especially useful when supply is short. Memory manufacturers will allocate stock for your project if there is a healthy run rate and project forecasts are discussed from the outset.

Pricing and PCN

Unfortunately, the pricing of a project registered part code is not ringfenced or frozen. However, working with Simms we can get you the best pricing. Product or Part change notifications (PCN) are par for the course in our industry as components become obsolete, and new, improved technology takes its place. A manufacturer will release a PCN well in advance of the change date and will advise if it’s a minor or major change that may require recertification. We can help manage the transition, read more about obsolescence management 

Our team of experts will be happy to guide you through the process of project registration to ensure it's right for you and your next project.



Graham is the Marketing Lead for the Industrial & Embedded team and has a wealth of knowledge in this area, with an extensive background in aviation, aerospace and defence.