Intel D5-P4320 & D5-P4420 QLC 3D NAND SSD for Data Centre

The new Intel SSD D5-P4320 & D5-P4420 delivers large, affordable and reliable storage for the data centre.


With large QLC-enabled storage capacity

  • Consolidate many HDDs into a single drive
  • Utilise 33% more bits per cell than TLC
  • Optimal for read-intensive storage workloads
Store more with Intel PCIe QLC SSD
Save more with Intel PCIe QLC SSD


With lower power and cooling requirements

  • Cut costs with fewer drives to support, power and cool
  • Reduce drive replacement expenses with high-endurance drives
  • Shrink operational costs with drives with lower annualised failure rate (AFR) and fewer data losses


With PCIE accelerated storage

  • Reduce latency by accessing large-capacity storage through PCIe interface
  • Meet the performance and storage demands of large dataset workloads, such as real-time analytics, artificial intelligence or business intelligence
Do more with Intel PCIe QLC SSD
Model Name:Intel SSD D5-P4320Intel SSD D5-P4420
Capacity & Form Factor:U.2 2.5″ (15mm) 7.68TBU.2 2.5″ (15mm) 7.68TB
Performance:128K Sequential Read/Write:
up to 3200/1000 MB/s
128K Sequential Read/Write:
up to 3200/1000 MB/s
Random 4KB Read/Write:
up to 427K/36K IOPS
Random 4KB Read/Write:
up to 427K/36K IOPS
Interface:PCIe 3.1 x 4, NVMe 1.2PCIe 3.1 x 4, NVMe 1.2
Media:64-layer, Intel QLC 3D NAND 64-layer, Intel QLC 3D NAND
Endurance:Sequential write up to 12.3 PBWSequential write up to 24.6 PBW
Random write up to 2.8 PBWRandom write up to 5.6 PBW
Power Consumption:Active: ~16wActive: ~16w
Idle: ~5wIdle: ~5w
Warranty:5-year limited5-year limited
Hot plug support:Yes Yes
Projected AFR:< 0.44%< 0.44%

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1.Source – Intel. Comparing maximum capacity per 1 rack unit of Intel® Server System R2000WP, 24 U.2 bay option using 4TB U.2 15mm Intel® SSD DC P4500 to 8TB Intel® Storage System RAF1000JSP Server design, 32 “ruler” drive bays using 8TB “ruler” form factor for Intel® SSD DC P4500
2. When coupled with optional Intel® Optane™ technology
3. Requires the 30.72TB Intel® SSD D5-P4326 in the E1.L “ruler” form factor.