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About Innodisk

InnoDisk is a service-driven provider of industrial embedded flash and DRAM storage products and technologies, with a focus on the enterprise, industrial, aerospace, and defence industries. InnoDisk is a very unique player in the industrial embedded flash and DRAM storage segment. Focusing on industrial embedded products everything they do is aimed at serving the needs of the industrial embedded market. Their team has the experience and expertise that comes directly from their focus on the industrial segment, and is bolstered by having their own firmware team and factory.

A Purpose-Built Factory

  • InnoDisk products are produced in their own industrial-grade factory.
  • They utilize advanced production technology in both pre and post production to improve the protection of components.
  • They can provide flexible production that caters to customers’ needs, and are able to increase productivity, provide on-time delivery, and ensure a steady, continuous supply of products.

InnoDisk flash memory products and DRAM modules are produced to ensure consistent product quality meets the standards of a wide range of industrial, military, and server applications.

 Absolute Service

Absolute Service is InnoDisk’s pledge in not just what they do but it is who they are.  It is their promise to deliver the most comprehensive service in every situation.  It is the philosophy that is embraced in all interactions InnoDisk has with partners and customers. InnoDisk exemplifies the standards and vision Jactron look for in their partners and strive to deliver in all customer contact and solutions.

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