Get ahead with the latest memory and storage offering from one of the world’s most popular brands, whom Simms are proud to be a partner of, helping customers reach and exceed their business goals within the data centre.

Intel® have been at the forefront of technology innovation as a brand and continue to do so as technology accelerates. No more so than with their latest feat, Intel® Optane™ Technology, which is changing how we store data in the enterprise right now and in line with our future needs.

Simms has been a proud partner of Intel® for some time now, delivering tailored solutions to customers across the data centre and enterprise arena. We here at Simms have more than 30 years’ experience in memory and storage, which when coupled with Intel’s forward-thinking technology makes for world-class outcomes for our customers.


What makes Intel® Optane™ Technology perfect for the data centre?


Intel® Optane™ Technology is a non-volatile storage option which is based on Intel® 3D XPoint™ technology. This type of storage technology works effortlessly with current data centre architecture as a new tier in the memory and storage pyramid. It fills the gap between high performing volatile memory and the lower more affordable NAND storage. It is utterly unique in its data centre attributes of combining low latency, incredible endurance, high throughput and excellent quality of service (QoS).

  • Ideal for handling “working data”; data that needs to be close to the CPU for super-fast access
  • Optane™ Technology SSD looks like SSD, but is built of Intel technology meaning it isn’t NAND-based
  • Performs writes at the byte or page-level for faster and much more predictable performance
  • More balanced read and write performance; no need for garbage collection.
  • The combination of low, consistent latency and high endurance allows Optane™ SSDs to function much more efficiently as caching devices than NAND-based solutions

Intel® Optane™Technology Explained

Intel® SSD for Embedded, Client & Enthusiasts Range

Ideal for not just data centre and enterprise but for the embedded and client remit, Intel offer a wide range of robust, endurable and fast SSD including 3D Nand SSDs. Speak to our team to find out more!

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10 Reasons to Deploy Intel® Optane™ Technology

10 reasons to use Optane

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