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Demand within the data centre is increasing. For data centres who provide cloud services, colocation, IoT and HPC they are seeing large volumes of data and are embarking on a journey of consolidation.

More often than not many see managing the performance of systems in the data centre as hugely consumptive of resource and time where issues of capacity, performance and power are major considerations.

However, not many think of data centre memory and storage as a way of making the most of server resource. Memory (DRAM) and storage (NAND Flash SSD) are key enablers in improving overall server performance, capacity and power-saving, as an optimal way of maximising the under-utilised services already in use.

Simms enable data centres and infrastructure providers through world-class memory and storage, who look to help their customers by:

  • Lowering their hardware investments
  • Providing customers with always-on secure services
  • Reducing their physical and environmental footprint
  • Enhancing productivity in a safe and secure environment
  • Switching them to flexible, stable and predictable financial models

Datacentre Memory & Storage 

Kingston DC1000B SSD in-use

Solid State Drives

We work with vendors that include Intel, Kingston and Micron who produce world class datacentre-ready solid-state-drive (SSD) storage solutions.

Developed specifically for datacentre and enterprise, customers can benefit from the peace of mind of complete endurance for their mission-critical data, with total consistency for workloads that require first class IOPS performance and incredible speeds.

Our enterprise and datacentre range of SSDs include NVMe storage solutions, SATA and Optane which is built on the emerging 3D Xpoint media technology.

DRAM Modules

Our vendors include manufacturers who invest billions into producing and testing high quality memory to help reduce the overall total cost of ownership for the customer today.

Pure performance, reliability and affordability are the industry standard when it comes to Simms and providing memory to its customers.

We support the very latest and legacy interfaces such as RAM modules, DRR3/4/5 RDIMM and LRDIMMs.



Why Simms?

We are a proactive experienced team with a deep understanding of the data centre and their customers, having worked directly within the industry

Expert market intel and guidance aggregated from research sources to guide you on when to buy at the right time as your memory and storage partner

World-class memory and storage “Try before you buy” options on qualified opportunities across all of our datacentre and enterprise vendors

Direct ‘one-step-away’ access to experienced technical memory experts at global vendors including our key datacentre vendors Intel, Micron and Kingston

We have offered SSD drives as a ‘premium upgrade’ in our estate for a while. As customers’ requirements and market conditions continue to favour this technology ahead of the more traditional mechanical drives, it was important for us to identify a partner that could provide a reliable, cost effective, enterprise product to enable us to meet the changing landscape. Thanks to Simms we decided on Kingston, and the support, advice and availability of stock from both has been second to none, especially during challenges presented by the current pandemic. I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a preferred partner of choice | Jason – NOC Engineer @ Simply

Who we help within Datacentre & Server

Data centres and facilities who provide cloud infrastructure services for their clients to consume from within

Cloud infrastructure providers, owners of data centres or operating services from within a colocation space

Internet Services Providers (ISPs) who provide a range of web solutions from their own IT infrastructure

A wide range of enterprise, technology and internet companies who are pushing the boundaries of innovation

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