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3 January 2023

Product Launch: Innodisk 3TV6-P

The latest edition to the InnoRec family, the 3TV6-P is pecifically designed for storage and playback in surviellance applications

Tech Talk

12 December 2022

3IE7 - the 100K NAND

This tech talk gives a brief overview on BiCS5 Nand Flash and how it can achieve 100k programme erase cycles using 3D TLC in pSLC mode

Tech Talk

14 November 2022

EDSFF continued: E3.S & E3.L introduction

For CSPs, data centres and edge deployers, the make up and footprint of the server/rack today has changed drastically in the last decade, in pursuit of consolid…

Tech Talk

14 September 2022

InnoOSR, a real alternative to RAID

This tech talk article looks at system recovery and InnoOSR , what it does and how it can save system downtime, cost and resource.