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Understanding the world of memory and storage can be tricky. Our Tech Talk articles are expertly put-together to digest information and aim to educate on the latest trends.

Micron QLC SSD
Tech Talk

14 May 2024

What is QLC SSD?

QLC (Quad-Level Cell) is a newer form of NAND flash compared to other types, so let's learn about QLC SSDs and their benefits/challenges.

Intelligent Memory BGA SSD
Tech Talk

10 May 2024

What is BGA SSD?

A small but mighty SSD, the BGA SSD is making waves in the industrial and embedded world. Understand what it is and why it's used.

Man in data centre
Tech Talk

10 January 2024

Why Micron for data centre?

Why Micron for data centre? Understand the latest SSD and DRAM solutions for data centre challenges available through Simms.

Tech Talk

28 September 2023

Non-Binary DDR5: What is it?

A new form of data centre memory to save money and sustainably approach the future through memory.

AFA server
Tech Talk

16 May 2023

What is All-Flash-Array (AFA)?

Come with us on this tech talk to understand about all-flash-array, why and how it came about, and considerations to make before thinking about purchasing AFA f…

Tech Talk

23 January 2023

The changing face of Embedded Peripherals

Embedded Peripherals are a perfect bolt on solution which can enhance capability of a system, be used as a proof of concept or a demonstration of technology

Tech Talk

12 December 2022

3IE7 - the 100K NAND

This tech talk gives a brief overview on BiCS5 Nand Flash and how it can achieve 100k programme erase cycles using 3D TLC in pSLC mode

Tech Talk

14 November 2022

EDSFF continued: E3.S & E3.L introduction

For CSPs, data centres and edge deployers, the make up and footprint of the server/rack today has changed drastically in the last decade, in pursuit of consolid…

Tech Talk

14 September 2022

InnoOSR, a real alternative to RAID

This tech talk article looks at system recovery and InnoOSR , what it does and how it can save system downtime, cost and resource.

Tech Talk

31 August 2022

Understanding NAND Endurance

This tech talk article looks at NAND Flash endurance and what it means and some of the factors to take into consideration when deciding what is the right drive …

Tech Talk

25 August 2022

Why Project Registration makes sense

Project registering a part code for a particular project can save you money and give you preferential supply. Find out more...