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Understanding the world of memory and storage can be tricky. Our Tech Talk articles are expertly put-together to digest information and aim to educate on the latest trends.

Tech Talk

21 July 2022

PCIe 5.0: Everything you need to know

Understand the latest generation PCIe. A crucial part of devices is the PCI Express, and the technology continues to advance and excel.

External SSDs
Tech Talk

20 June 2022

Understand external SSDs

This tech talk article looks at the rise of external SSDs, the pros and cons, the choices and everything else you need to know.

Tech Talk

20 June 2022

Power Protection for SSDs

Power Protection for SSDs is a valuable option to ensure critical data is saved in the event of sudden power loss. This Tech Talk digs deeper into this feature.

Tech Talk

20 May 2022

Mananging Memory Obsolescence

Managing memory obsolescence can be tricky in times of shortages and a fast-paced technology industry. We look at some of the causes and issues that lead to mem…

Tech Talk

25 April 2022

SSD & DRAM: enabling the 5G era

5G is here. However, unlocking its potential is another thing all together. SSD can play a role in it, let us explain how.

Innodisk EGPL-T101
Tech Talk

25 March 2022

The future of LAN modules

The World’s First M.2 10GbE LAN Module is set to revolutionise connectivity for edge devices.

Kingston Design-In SATA & NVMe SSD
Tech Talk

2 February 2022

Kingston Design-In SSD

Did you know that global technology leader Kingston has a Design-in range of SSD and DRAM, ideal for system builders and integrators? Find out more.

Tech Talk

10 January 2022

Is DDR5 made for the datacentre?

We delve into the latest DDR and how this will work alongside the demands that datacentre in 2022 and beyond will have

Tech Talk

12 July 2021

What is CXL? (Computer Express Link)

Many challenges are driving the new CXL standard. With this, it's important to know how this protocol will change architectures in the future

Data centre server SSD
Tech Talk

14 May 2021

Choosing the right SSD for the Cloud

Not all SSDs are made the same. Some are made for consumers and some are made for mission critical business. So for the cloud, choose right

Tech Talk

18 January 2019

Introduction to Solid-State-Drive (SSD)

We take a look at the Solid State drive in this article and its impact as the future of storage technology for businesses and consumers around the world.

Embedded Storage
Tech Talk

4 January 2019

Introduction to Embedded Storage

Embedded storage is a solution for space-constrained devices, so we take a look at the shapes, sizes, and capabilities of this technology.

SAS, SATA or PCIe: Know your Interface
Tech Talk

22 June 2018

SAS, SATA or PCIe: Know your Interface

With so many varieties of storage technology available, it can be bewildering in choosing the right one. We look at the three main types; SAS, SATA and PCIe.